Northern lights observed in Umeå on the night of September 4-5:

The geomagnetic Planetary index Kp was around Kp6 most of the night. The activity was ongoing all night. 

Data from:

Time in UTC. Kp0-3 Green, Kp 4-6 Yellow, KP7.- Red

Time lapse sequences:

Here are some medium resolution (reduced resolution) time lapse videos from the observation session. Most of the photos are taken with a Canon EOS Ra camera, with OWB filter, and a Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens at f/4. Generally 2-4 sec exposure and 6400 ASA..

Northern lights in the City: On March 17-18, 2015, we were lucky to witness some very strong Aurorae as far south as Stockholm. They appeared after a strong CME -Coronal Mass Ejection- and southward pointing interplanetary magnetic field Bz. It was the strongest in many years. The first image is from Södermalm, and over the Old Town in Stockholm. Anna and Oliver Fleetwood joined me on this memorable occasion. The other photo is a strong outburst over the roof tops and over a chimney. It was taken by Anna Fleetwood.