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The Sun in H-alpha: Active Region AR 2665. A nice prominence is visible at the limb. Taken at July 15, 2017 with a 60mm Solar telescope.

The Sun in H-alpha: A very prominent prominence shows up at the suns limb on June 25, 2017.

Below: Observing from downtown Stockholm can be challenging, but gives also new opportunities.

Below: Dramatic Prominence - Solar prominences on June 17, 2017. Photographed with a small 60 mm solar telescope.

There are many interesting galaxies and nebula for the amateur astronomer to observe. This website shows some general objects, as well as some more challenging peculiar galaxies, multiple systems and galaxy clusters. Every now and then, new CCD-photos and observing notes are added, to show what can be interesting and fun to observe.

This web site shows some highlights gathered from the cosmical zoo. Older photos have mostly been taken with an ST6 CCD camera. More recent ones have been taken with an STL-11000M camera.

Browse and pick your favorites to observe at your next observing session.

Observatory design and CCD-photos by Ivar Hamberg.


M101: This is a nice spiral galaxy fairly close to us. It shows lots of interesting HII regions.


Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner on September 15/16.It passed just south of the open clusters Messier 35 and NGC 2158 in Gemini.

Comet Lovejoy

The Observatory: The observatory dome is situated on an island northeast of Stockholm.

Below:: Magic Evening - The passing Swan created a Light Winged Golden Bird out of the reflected crescent moon - May 9, 2016

Mercury at end of Transit on May 9th 2016. Tiny Mercury is at bottom of the solar disc in this sunset image.

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